In this day and age everyone seems to be going green, but you might be wondering what you can get from turning over a new leaf, so to speak? Below are three renewable energy services we offer at ADS GAS, and why you, and your pocket, will benefit from installing them.


What is it?

If you’re looking to turn up the heat in a cost effective way, then solar thermal energy is the way to go. Solar thermal energy is powered by the sun to produce heat, which is then used to heat water or space heating. With our experienced team on hand, your solar thermal system can be installed easily into your existing hot water system, and you will reap the benefits.

Why switch to Solar Thermal Energy?

Apart from being environmentally friendly – it doesn’t pollute the air or contribute to global warming, meaning you will reduce your co2 emissions – once you have it installed the fuel is free, which means no more bills for you. Not a bad reason, we think!


How they work

Ground Source Heat Pumps do exactly what they say on the tin. They use heat from the ground using a pump. By mixing water and antifreeze into a looped pipe, the heat is absorbed into the fluid through a heat exchanger and into the pump. This is done by installing pipes into your garden. The heat is transmitted to produce hot water and heat for radiators, underfloor or warm air heating systems.

What will you gain?

There are many benefits of the Ground Source Heat Pump. It can be used throughout the year due to the relatively consistent temperature underground. It will also keep your fuel bills down and requires no fuel deliveries. Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump will allow you to heat your home and your water, and you might even be able to make money from it through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Not only that, but you could also reduce carbon emissions.

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